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The Wedding Checklist: 6 Practical Tips That Every Bride-to-be Should Know

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You’re now engaged! Congratulations!

After the initial burst of euphoria subsides, you now have to face the nitty-gritty task of preparing for your wedding. Whether you are a natural bridezilla or a laid-back bride-to-be, it’s always better to know as much as you can so you can make your wedding a day to remember.

We are sharing six practical tips that can help you prepare for the big day, from deciding your general theme, to dealing with more specific tasks like choosing your bridal bouquet and party favors.


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Wedding themes and trends change almost every year. While using a popular theme often feels like the safest route for many brides, you shouldn’t feel pressured to use one if this doesn’t suit your style.

It’s okay to get ideas from wedding magazines and websites and well-meaning friends, but remember that it’s still your wedding. Go for a theme that matches your personality instead of simply jumping on the bandwagon.

When choosing a theme, you can either decide based on aesthetics or a concept. If you’re going for aesthetics, choose one or two favorite colors and use them as the overall theme. If you prefer a conceptual theme, pick a concept—a hobby, a music genre, a favorite vacation spot—and use that as the starting point when deciding on other items on your checklist.


The invitations are usually the first thing that many guests will see of your wedding. Couples usually send invitations three to four months before the big day. However, you can always play it safe and send them out earlier, especially to guests who live farther away.

The standard invitation size is 4 ½ x 6 ½ inches, but you can use a different size if you want something more fun and unique. Note, however, that off-size invitations may incur additional postage costs.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design. You can pair standard invitation colors—ivory, beige, or white—with your own color scheme. Another way to spruce up your invitations is by adding non-paper elements into the design. Try pressed flowers, small patches of cloth, and even petal or paper confetti.


wedding flower decoration theme

Decorations help set the mood of the event. Learn to play with colors, patterns, and items to create a setup that fits your theme and personality.

Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

  • Drapes can make your venue look formal or modern, depending on your color scheme. It can also help make the place feel more spacious.

  • Use different floral arrangements. Flowers as table centerpieces are a common practice, but don’t let this hamper your creativity. Suspend garlands and floral pouches above the tables and other strategic places to keep your guests looking up instead of down.

  • Add herbs, leaves, and other blooms in table centerpieces. Ask your florist which herbs and other greenery works best with your theme. They should be more than happy to help!

  • If you want something more original, you can use lanterns and bottles as décor and table centerpieces. Fill these up with loose petals, rose buds, confetti, colored pebbles, or other small items.

  • Don’t limit yourself to just one flower. Red roses signify romance, but peonies and ranunculus are also favorite choices for weddings. Or you can go for tropical blooms to give your reception an earthier, bohemian vibe.

  • If you want to save on money, you can recycle your wedding flowers and reuse them for the reception. Ask your florist how you can do this and discuss possible designs that they can do.

Bridal Bouquet

bridal bouquet of roses

The bridal gown isn’t really complete without the bridal bouquet. Symmetrical bouquets are still the preferred choice, but more and more brides are now using organic bouquets with beautiful asymmetrical floral arrangements.

Roses are still very in-demand because it provides a romantic vibe. We also like hydrangeas because they symbolize beauty and grace. For tropical blooms, we like begonias and sugarbushes. You can always try something more eclectic, like peonies mixed with your choice or greenery or herbs.

Most bouquets match well with white bridal gowns. If you’re thinking of wearing a gown of another color, don’t worry! There is a wide variety of flowers that can match whatever color scheme you adapt.

For instance, hydrangeas usually come in pink and white, but they are also available in blue, purple, and even green. Don’t be afraid to ask your florist for recommendations on the right colors to match your dress.


wedding cake

The wedding cake is one of the highlights of any wedding. It’s important to choose a cake that is not only pretty to look at but also tasty. Take the time to taste cake samples and don’t be afraid to make suggestions. Remember: You will be the first one to eat it so you should like how it tastes!

Choose a cake design that works well with your theme. While multi-tier cakes are still popular, modern cakes like cupcake stacks are also a good choice. Don’t be afraid to add non-edible accents like flowers and ribbons on the cake. Talk to your florist and ask if they can spice up your cake by working with your cake designer.

Party Favors

Coming up with unique party favors takes careful thinking. You don’t want something generic or boring, but you also don’t want something that is too personalized that your guests won’t be able to use it.

Our suggestion? Go for practical favors. Edible souvenirs are popular because most guests will eat them whether at the reception or on the way home. If you want something more lasting, think of a useful item, like vintage bookmarks, mini-spoon and fork sets, or a colorful jars filled with candy or chocolates.

If you want eco-friendly souvenirs, why not give out potted plants? A cactus is easy to maintain while a flowering plant can help beautify your guests’ homes. Don’t forget to include instructions on how to take care of the plants.

Adding your names or signatures on the favors is a big no-no, but you can add them on the packaging. Go for colorful boxes with ribbons, dried petals, and other small decorations. Go as bold or classic in design, depending on your theme.


We hope these quick tips can help you plan the best wedding ever! Check out some of our stylish and trendy wedding flower bouquets and floral arrangements here. Enjoy planning your wedding!

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