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Preservation in Shadow Box Frame

Capture Your Special Moments Forever with Our Flower Preservation Shadow Box Frames.

What is preservation in a Shadow Box Frame?

Preserving flowers in a shadow box frame entails carefully drying fresh blooms. Following meticulous drying procedures, the flowers are thoughtfully arranged within the frame. Employing precise techniques, we, at Flower Station Dubai, utilise adhesive methods to ensure their secure placement. Upon completion, the preserved arrangement is elegantly showcased, mindful of optimal display conditions to maintain its enduring allure.

Do you only preserve wedding bouquets?

While weddings are one of the most common occasions for floral arrangements, our flower preservation service is not limited to weddings. We can preserve flowers from baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials, or even as a way to remember a loved one.

When should I send my bouquet for preservation?

To create a beautiful keepsake, we need your flowers to be as fresh as possible. It's essential to choose blooms in excellent condition, as wilted or stained flowers may break down during the preservation process. For optimal results, please send your bouquet at the earliest after the event.

How will my preserved flowers look after preservation?

During the preservation process, natural color fluctuations may occur. While the preserved flowers showcased on our website are beautiful, they are not exact replicas of the original living flowers. Each arrangement will have slight variations that are inherent to the drying process. 

What is the estimated return time?

The estimated delivery time for frame product made from your received flowers is typically 3-4 weeks. This timeframe ensures meticulous and careful crafting, treating each bouquet as a precious item. Our goal is to create exceptional-quality, timeless heirloom pieces that bring lasting significance and joy.

Do you provide pressed flower designs in shadow box frames?

Yes, we offer pressed flower designs in shadow box frames. This beautiful preservation method captures the intricate details and vibrant colors of your flowers, creating a lasting memento. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions, our custom frames ensure your cherished flowers are preserved elegantly.

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