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Our Story

Looking back, I think my passion for floral design came from my mom. Growing up, I watched her arrange flowers at church and tend to her mini-garden at home. My dad regularly brought home bouquets for her, which she then arranged in vases and displayed in the living room. I was fond of crafting trinkets using different household items, such as used bottles, recycled paper, and old boxes found at home. 

I always felt a desire to answer to my artistic inclinations and childhood passionOn May 2016, I began to seriously consider a career in floral design. I knew I had to brush up on my skills and learn not just the basics but the latest trends in floral design as well. To do this, I enrolled at the Nobleman School of Floral Design in Singapore, and took a course on Floral Design Course and Floral Jewelry.

Armed with new knowledge and techniques in the art of floral arrangements, I went back to Dubai, and started conceptualizing about flower business. I didn’t want to operate an ordinary flower shop though. Instead, we wish to offer something unique and ground-breaking to our intended market, which will set us apart from other existing flower businesses not just in Dubai, but in the whole country.

Noticing the huge need for quality flower arrangements, fun products and programs, and unique customized packages in UAEwe opened the Flower Station in mid-November of 2016Using my experience in floral design, plus what I learned in Singapore, I set out create unique concepts, customized DIY products, and personalized packages, for different clients’ needs. It is with this that I find the beginning of my journey to a career in the floral design industry, and the fulfilment to my childhood dream.

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