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Forever Roses | Infinity Flowers

Send an elegant gift of premium forever roses to your loved one to make a lasting impression.

Why Forever Rose is one of the best gifts?

Yes, forever roses would definitely make a great gift to surprise your loved ones on their special moments. The key benefit of infinite rose is longevity which is ideal for making a lasting impression. Unlike fresh flowers, they require no maintenance which helps you to preserve the same happy feeling upon receiving the gift for a long period of time.

Forever Roses (Infinity Rose) - Are they real?

Yes, forever roses are 100% real. Forever roses are prepared from Ecuadorian roses best known for their premium quality with the help of advanced preservation techniques giving them a long life of up to 2 years or more.

Forever Roses - Where to buy in Dubai?

At Flower Station, our team has created a very stunning collection of forever roses, handcrafted in an elegant glass dome along with other preserved flower elements which will definitely make your loved ones feel special on their special days. Enjoy Free + Same-Day Delivery of forever roses in Dubai. Next-day delivery to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman.

Infinite Roses - Color options 

With Forever Rose, you have plenty of vibrant color options such as red, white, black, blue, pink, fuchsia, off-white, orange, yellow, rainbow(multi-colored), etc, so you can gift what your loved ones like the most. You can go through this table to know the significance of the different colors of forever roses.

Forever Rose Color



Love, Romance


Purity, Innocence 


Mystery, Prosperity


Gratitude, Grace




Royalty, Wisdom


Courage, Dedication

Forever Rose - Elegant Gift Packaging 

For more information on forever roses, you can check our blog article Forever Rose - A Great Way to Capture Your Special Moments.

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