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Some of the Best Wedding Themes! See Amazing Trends We Love!

With one-quarter of the year already gone, engaged couples only have nine more months to make their 2017 dream wedding come true.

Planning the perfect wedding is fun and challenging. With or without the help of a wedding planner, both the groom and bride-to-be need to decide on many things—from the venue, the number of guests, the food and decorations, and the overall theme of the wedding.

We’ve compiled our favorite wedding themes and floral trends for 2017 to help you out with your plans. Here are just some of them:

Tried and Tested: Traditional

Few things can beat the original, and this rings true for wedding themes as well. Many experts see 2017 as a return to the roots of the formal wedding motif, complete with elegant white gowns, buttercream cake with piped roses, and a classic piano or violin accompaniment.

White or blush rose remain popular color motifs, especially for bridal bouquets. If you plan to go for a traditional wedding, you may want to stick to these timeless colors because they signify not only love but also matrimonial bliss.

Go Simple, Go Neutral

While some people may think neutral colors are bland and boring, we believe that this palette adds a dreamy, classic feel to weddings without making everything look over the top. With the colors toned down, family and friends will not be overwhelmed with the ambiance but remain impressed instead.

Go for light gray, blue-gray, or gray-brown colors for that sophisticated yet relaxed look. Floral arrangements can include clear vases filled with wild flowers in hues of cream and green for that rustic effect.

Glammed-up Vintage

Vintage themes have been making the rounds for years now, and it is certainly staying this 2017. Think gold and bronze and other metallic colors mashed up with pearls and glass. Anything old but classic is welcome, including large picture frames and silver tableware.

To keep your wedding classic and glamorous, go for simple floral arrangements, like small round vases with ribbons and gold or light orange flowers. For the music, you may want to ditch the acoustic accompaniment and go for a jazz band instead.

Metallic gold and silver are in this year, but not the strong, shiny ones. Instead, we recommend palettes of soft copper or light gold mixed with basic colors like white, red, or blue. The goal is to make the event glamorous and glittery but not painful to look at.

Metallic colors give off a stylish modern feel, and flowers sprinkled with glitters and confetti will help make this happen. Make sure to use metal strategically though: A flash of silver on the centerpiece looks chic and trendy, but bright silver table linens are just an eyesore.

Other Decoration Trends: What’s Hot

Hanging Accents

Suspended flowers are eye-catching and add a wow factor to your venue. It may also help distract your guests from nitpicking on your venue’s floor design, especially if it doesn’t really fit with your overall theme.

Floral garlands make beautiful centerpieces, whether they’re made of full-bloom flowers or loose petals. Many brides choose hanging garlands made of loose petal roses or full-bloom peonies to make the mood more romantic.

Trumpet Vases

We noticed that tall trumpet vases made of clear glass are in this year. Not only can they hold big flower arrangements, they’re also unobtrusive so guests can chitchat with ease during dinner.

While dahlias and garden roses seem to be common picks, you can opt for white lilies and orchids if you’re going for a more traditional themed wedding.

Garden Pouches

Garden pouches are effective because they allow a more structured form of floral arrangement without making the design look unnatural. Pouches may work if you want a metallic-themed reception—consider using hyacinths and morning glories for a touch of blue and pair them with soft silver pouches.

Tropical Blooms

Tropical flowers look great in small pots and can work as centerpieces for an elegant yet whimsical feel. Organic bouquets are also in this season, making use of bold colors to create an imperfectly perfect asymmetrical flower arrangement.

Sugarbushes and calla lilies are great choices, both as centerpieces and bridal bouquets. You can also try other tropical blooms like desert roses, angel wing begonias, or just begonias, really. If you want a mix of traditional and eclectic, try pairing peonies or ranunculus with big leaves or even garden herbs.


These are just some of the trends we think will rock the wedding scene this year. However, remember that no matter what theme becomes popular, you should always pick something close to your heart, something that will let your personality shine. Remember: This is your wedding!

Check out some of our stylish and trendy wedding flower bouquets and floral arrangements here. Enjoy planning your wedding!

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