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5 Best Gift Ideas for Women’s Day

5 Best Gift Ideas for Women’s Day

This March, women takes center stage as the world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8. On this special day, people are taking the opportunity to thank and appreciate the wonderful women in their lives. 

Have you prepped your gifts for your special ladies? Today we are sharing our five favorite gift ideas for our favorite women.


Yes, yes, we know it may sound traditional and cliché, but a bouquet of flowers will never let you down. Women appreciate this classic token of appreciation, especially if it’s from someone they love.

While roses are the most common choice, there is also a wide selection of other flowers you can choose from. Try tulips, lilies, hydrangea, or lavender, or a combination of two or three of your favorites. If you’re familiar with your loved one’s preferred flowers, it should be easy to buy a pre-made bouquet from your favorite flower shop. Or you can have one customized—ask for a mix of fresh cut flowers and dried ones for a more unique and interesting bouquet.

If you want something that will last a long time, you may also purchase a potted flowering plant. Make sure to include instructions on how to water and take care of it. Or why not try a preserved rose? The women in your life can display it on their desk or shelf, helping them remember your act of gratitude every time they look at it.

Finally, whatever you decide to buy—pre-made bouquet, customized mix, or potted plant—opt to buy or order it days in advance, to avoid paying a high price for it. This will also save you the time and effort competing with other buyers who might purchase flowers last-minute.

Gift Baskets

Gift Basket for Women's day Gift 


You don’t have to be super creative to come up with a lovely gift basket for the special women in your life. All you need is a little resourcefulness and the patience to research which items to include in your gift.

Does your mom like to relax after a long day’s work? Why not add scented candles and essential oils in the basket? Does your wife love sweet things? Buy an assortment of chocolates and sugarcoated cookies and throw them into the mix. Does your sister collect small and cute things? Hunt for minis of their favorite characters and include them in your gift.

You can then design the basket with an assortment of dried or pressed flowers, ribbons, and other decorations. Then get some cellophane (preferably your loved one’s favorite color), and wrap your gift before sending it off.



Terrariums are becoming a more and more popular gift choice, and for good reason. They’re nice to look at, they’re easy to maintain and take care of, and the bit of green they provide adds life to the room.

You can choose from ready-made terrariums available in flower shops and gift shops. Popular ones are those with cacti and nothing else, because they require very little maintenance. But terrariums with artificial flowers are also a nice pick, as they add a dash of color to the room.

Or, if you want a bit of a challenge, you may also buy a terrarium kit and design your own set! Most sets come with a glass jar or bowl, sand or soil, small stones or pebbles, and other items to help you customize your gift according to your liking.

Book on Women Empowerment


International Women’s Day is about reminding women that they are special and powerful, and what better way to do that than gift them with reading materials that would emphasize this?

Local and online bookstores are filled with books about successful women, those who have made a difference in the world not just because they are good in business, but because they’ve dedicated their lives for a good cause. Encourage your loved ones by giving them a memoir or biography of a famous woman scientist, or a collection of essays about women leaders, or even a book of poetry written by a young, empowered woman poet.

Wrap your gift with fancy ribbons or decorate the cover with cutouts and dried flowers. You may even add a pressed flower bookmark to your gift!

While books may not be a gift the women in your life expect, they will definitely appreciate your gesture.

Personalized or Customized Accessories


Why not have a necklace or bracelet customized with your loved one’s name or your term of endearment? This way, she will feel that you have taken the extra mile to make her gift extra special.

Try metal stamped necklaces—you can have your wife, mother, or sister’s name or favorite quote stamped on the pendant. Then there are accessory shops that sell alphabet beads or buttons you can string together in a bracelet. Or you can also try wire sculpting her name and then attaching it to a bracelet of flowers or ribbons!


Is this list helpful? What are your favorite gift ideas for International Women’s Day? How else can you show your love and admiration for your mother, sister, or wife?

Don’t forget! March 8 may be a special day to show appreciation to the women of your life, but you can still show your gratitude to them all year round.


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