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7 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

happy valentine's day gift ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start scouting for gifts for that special someone in your life. Whether it’s your wife, mother, sister, or a close friend, gifting them with something during Valentine’s Day shows that you think—and care—about them.

Need help coming up with the perfect gift? Here are seven great Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can choose from. Ranging from traditional presents to trendier ones, this list is designed to help you choose the perfect gift for that special someone.

1. Flowers and Chocolates

Box of chocolate and rose flowers

Few things say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” more effectively than flowers and chocolates. A tried-and-tested classic, you can seldom go wrong with a bouquet of roses paired up with a box of your loved one’s favorite chocolates.

Confused with all the colors? Red roses represent love and romance, making it a popular choice for husbands to give to their wives. Hopefuls may opt to give their object of affection a bunch of pink roses, while sons (or even daughters!) may show their appreciation to their mom by giving her peach-colored roses.

And while chocolates are often a sure way to a woman’s heart, make sure to pick the right flavor. Some women like milk chocolates, while others prefer the dark chocolates for their bittersweet taste. Or try something different, like strawberry-, orange-, or peppermint-flavored ones.

2. Flowers in a Keepsake Box

Mixed Fresh Flowers in a  Keepsake box

Want to leave your loved one with something more permanent? Try flowers in a keepsake box or basket! Once the flowers have dried up, she can reuse the box or basket to keep little trinkets or notes you gave her. She could even preserve the flowers and make potpourri out of them.

Some flower shops have ready-made flower boxes and baskets you can choose from. Or if you are creative with crafts and design, you may want to do it yourself. Just choose your flowers and arrange them in a box. You may add some accents to the box, or even personalize it with your loved one’s name.

3. Flowers in a Customized Vase

Fresh roses in a vase

Take things a bit further by packaging your flowers in a customized vase. You can use a ceramic or glass vase, but you’re not limited to those two options. Here are some fun design suggestions:

  • Your loved one’s name
  • A photo or caricature of her face (or, if you’re bold enough, why not use your photo?)
  • Her favorite quote or life verse
  • Handwritten drawings

Whatever it is, you can be sure your gift will be a memorable one (and possibly a topic of conversation for guests).

4. Stuffed Toys

stuff toys - teddy bear holding flowers

Another classic gift, especially for those who are just starting in their relationship, is a stuffed toy. Teddy bears are the usual choice, but there are other animals you can get—cats, dogs, even turtles!

Want to add a bit of flair to your gift? Stick a single rose to the stuffed toy to show appreciation to that person, or two roses to express your desire to spend the rest of your life with her.

5. Arts and Crafts Kit

flower arranging workshop

Help develop your loved one’s creativity by gifting her with an arts and crafts kit. The kit may include paper cutouts, pressed flower petals, ribbons, and other small items she can use. Then check for essentials, such as a pair of scissors, glitter glue, and drawing pens or pencils.

Gift this kit with an extra scrapbook if you like. You could also suggest filling it up together with her. Now that’s quality time!

6. Romantic Picnic

romantic picnic with flower bouquet on chair

Sometimes the best gift you can give on Valentine’s Day is your time. Why not prepare a romantic picnic in the park, by the lake, or even in your backyard? You don’t have to spend a lot for it, but you will be able to make fun memories to think back on in the future.

Depending on the location, you may use comfy blankets or cloth mats as a base for your setup. Or you could bring a small foldable table and stools if you want to make the setup a bit more formal. Prepare her favorite foods, or buy takeout that is easy to eat outdoors. Add a bouquet of flowers or some flower baskets to your decoration. Either will help set the mood. Then spend the afternoon (or morning, if you want to do it early) eating, reminiscing, and just enjoying your time together.

7. Class Subscriptions

flower workshop class

If you want something a bit unique as your Valentine’s Day gift, you could enroll your loved one to a class of her choice. Find something that you think she will really like.

For example, DIY flower arrangement classes challenge someone’s imagination and creativity. Baking lessons is a practical skill that may encourage someone to start a small business (or at the very least, she could bake all sorts of goodies for you!). Sports—like archery—may help improve a person’s focus and concentration.

If you want to make this gift more meaningful, you may enroll in the class with her and learn together. Now that’s a gift you can extend way past Valentine’s Day!


We hope these Valentine’s Day gift ideas will help you find the perfect present for that special someone. Go classic or go trendy, depending on what you think your loved one will like better.

Remember, however, that whatever your gift is, what’s most important is that you are able to show that you care for that person, on and off Valentine’s Day.

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