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Forever Flower Care

Want to keep your flowers as gorgeous as you received them? Kindly follow these simple tips to take care of eternal roses and flowers.

Preserved flowers can last up to two year with proper care. Be sure not to water them and avoid direct sunlight.

1. Keep away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight will cause the color on your preserved rose to fade. As with most plants, keeping your preserved rose too near an artificial light source can cause damage to the flower. The heat of the light can cause the dye to melt and the petals to burn. Make sure you do not keep your preserved flowers too near hot light sources. 

2. Keep it inside glass dome 

Keep or display your forever flowers in the glass dome that came with your product. This will ensure a longer life of your preserved flower by protecting it from dirt, dust and water.

3. Avoid humid environment

Preserved flower doesn't need any water or humidity to keep its shine and beauty. Avoid humid environment.

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