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Box/Basket Flower Care

Want to keep your flowers lovely? Kindly follow these simple tips to take care of flower box/basket.

Keep flowers away from heat sources and ripening fruits to prevent from faster ageing.

1. Keep in a cool place

Keep flowers in a cool area and avoid direct sunlight, directing air-conditioning, extreme heat, dust and ripening fruit. All of these conditions may reduce lifespan of flowers.

2. Pour water daily on foam

Every flower basket/box comes with a foam/sponge (soaked in water) at the bottom to help flowers remain hydrated. You can pour approx. 100 ml of cold tap water daily on foam from the sides of box/basket.(Squeeze bottles makes pouring water quite easy.)

3. Remove decaying petals

Remove withering petals from flower or whole flower stem if required. Flowers have different lifespan so if a flower wilts, it is better to remove it from box/basket to prevent spread of bacteria to other flowers.

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